Design Systems

Design institutions have framed design systems as a resource that product design students can leverage for educational purposes; and a playbook for practicing designers to develop their understanding of common design tropes. They have described design systems as a tool for product teams — enabling more efficient delivery, fewer bugs…


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Caught in the rat-race: We’ve all been there, caught in the hamster wheel of production design.

You’re churning out comps without so much as a side-eye toward the persona you crafted months ago.

In the moments between frantic mouse clicks and sipping coffee, you spot the personas slouching on the…

Case study

While the internet has gifted us the ocean, it brought with it a new set of challenges. Most creatives can relate to the school of thought that inspiration can be found anywhere. But in recent years, inspiration (or information) overload has been the biggest threat to my productivity.

How do…

Team culture

Man with laptop speaking to two seated women.
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A while ago, I wrote about the importance of team connection during moments of change, particularly while working remotely. I included a few icebreakers to help teams maintain and develop deeper relationships with their peers while feeling disconnected. Here is a more advanced version, with activities to help jump-start virtual…


As children, we were taught that repetition would help us memorize material for exams. Once the exam was over, the chances of us remembering the material long-term were slim.

A similar pattern happens when creatives seek out new sources of inspiration. The constant influx of inspiration can be overwhelming and…

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Delivering bad news is not something many of us have experience doing— nor is it something we are inclined to want to do.

Last year, a complex situation at work arose, and it became clear that I needed to address it with my manager. I avoided scheduling the meeting, anxious…

Remote work

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I have worked with remote employees both near-shore and offshore and have experienced working as a remote employee myself. What connects each of my experiences working on remote teams is the nuanced and human-centered approach required to meet one another needs.

As someone interested in creating experiences, the remote team…

Kate Darmody

Product Design Expert, Writer and Creative. I build products & tell stories. Work in The Startup, Bootcamp, Muzli & UX Collective.

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