Resistence to change can be a huge hurdle in large organizations. Even more so for a design system team:

a) they are asking everyone to change how they currently work

b) their sucess relys wholly on adoption.

If no one is using the design system then it doesnt matter how much time/energy they put into building it, it won't positively impact the organization.

Change management needs to be handled delicately but it isn't something designers are typically taught. I partnered with change managment experts within the companies that were developing design systems. They taught me a number of methodologies they used for org wide change managment and I was able to adapt some of those for my teams needs. (I highly recommend doing that if it is available to you.)

Having a framework that people could rely on was instrumental. Research with our customer zero taught me that people like having lists to work off, and being able to cross things off. It reduced cognitive burden while they were learning new ways to work.

Thank you for reading and contributing! I am glad it could help!



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